Camp Snowy Owl will be an experience that you will remember; it is somewhere where you will meet friends, share experiences, find support and enjoy the wonderful facility at Providence Point located just past Carleton Place in Lanark County. This marvellous resort comes at a cost of approximately $450 per person.

Please ensure that your application is received by June 1, 2016

The camping experience is very intimate and may include open discussions where people may choose to share personal information regarding lifestyle, HIV/AIDS status, or other private details. The community contract that is signed as part of the camper application sets out that this information will stay at camp. If you have children who will be attending, they may, in turn, ask questions of you. You are encouraged to prepare children who are attending for the potential of such a conversation. If you require preparation to disclose an HIV status or share information regarding HIV please feel free to contact a social worker or health care professional in your region. There will also be peer support counsellors available for the duration of the camp experience.

Your contribution will be of $50.00/adult camper and $30.00/child over the age of 3. Children aged 3 and under are free. Please make cheques payable to “The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation”. Contributions are due June, 10th and you will be notified of your application status at that time. Only attending campers are asked to contribute, but we welcome donations.

Camperships are available. The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation can provide a limited amount of financial assistance; please direct all your requests to the Ottawa AIDS Service Organisation with which you are associated and receive support before contacting the Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation.

For more information regarding camperships and Ottawa ASO`s please contact Lise Turpin at The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation 613-828-4821


Please note: The weather at Camp Snowy Owl can range from very warm to very cool and of course is subject to rain.

  • Appropriate clothing and outerwear to accommodate the change in temperatures
  • Waterfront activities are part of Camp Snowy Owl, ensure you bring swim wear, and towels
  • Flashlights are a good idea; some of you might be in a cabin and will need to find your way to the washrooms at night.
  • Bedding and Linens: You are responsible for bringing your own bedding (sheets, blanket, pillow, sleeping bag). While bedding is available to rent from Providence Point, YOU would be responsible for any costs.
  • Any costs incurred by you that result in Snowy Owl receiving a bill, will be billed to you. You will not be able to return to Camp in the future until this bill is settled.
  • Each year campers produce a talent show on the Wednesday evening. If you should wish to participate, bring the appropriate costumes, props, instruments, music, etc.


*Medical consent: Please ensure you print out this medical consent form and sign. (*Be prepared to sign a paper copy upon arrival at camp)

Medicinal Marijuana: Medicinal marijuana is only permitted at camp when you are legally authorized to possess it. Proof of authorization is required.

*Medicinal Marijuana MUST be stored at the Nurses Station (Club Meds)*

Substance use: Providence point is an OCA (Ontario Camping Association) accredited camp. Substance use (alcohol, injection drug use) in conjunction with the titration of your medications is NOT permitted at camp

All applications are reviewed and evaluated by a camp committee comprised of members of the steering committee which is representative of the various organizations associated with Camp Snowy Owl. The committee reserves the right to accept or deny an applicant's attendance at camp. Please be prepared to submit references as they may be required.

Please feel free to enclose a separate sheet of paper if additional space is needed. Applications are not accepted by email. They must be delivered to one of our drop boxes. Our drop boxes are located at the Bruce House office and at the AIDS Committee of Ottawa.

Camp Snowy Owl Application

NOTE: Returning Campers, please review the application carefully as there have been many changes made. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. An application is not complete without all requested documentation.

NOTE: All campers age 14 and over must complete a seperate application.

Camper Information:

Please list names, date of birth, and relationship of children age 13 and under who will be accompanying you to camp.

On a separate sheet of paper please list any medical concerns. Please attach the pharmacy printout for each child.

Dietary Restrictions


Camp Costs / Financial Assistance / Contribution

The cost to Snowy Owl for campers to attend campe is: $325 for each adult, $225 for each youth, and $174 for each child.
You are required to make a minimal contribution of $50 per adult (age 18 and over), $40 per youth (age 13-17), $30 per child (age 4-12), infants $0 (age 3 & under), or $100 per family.

If you are unable to meet this requirement you MUST contact the Camp Director, Lise Turpin ( or 613-828-4821 to make arrangements prior to submitting your application.

Please enclose cheque or money order payable to "Snowy Owl Aids Foundation" with your application. NOTE: If your application is not accepted your contribution will be returned to you.

Misc. Information

Yes No

Medical Information

Reminder: Bring your medications with you and the pharmacy print out

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Tetanus / Polio
Hep A / B

Physical Health

Walking Energy
Stamina Breathing Sleeping Digestion Infections

Independent In need of some assistance
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